T20 World Cup exit speaks volumes about our level in cricket: Kieron Pollard

Written by Sumit Seth

West Indies and T20 cricket legend Kieron Pollard has said that his country’s premature exit from the T20 World Cup came as a rude shock to him.

Windies, generally known as a T20 powerhouse, were knocked out from the qualifying stages of the tournament after losses against Ireland and Scotland.

“A bit surprised, to be honest that (West Indies) weren’t able to get over the line against the other teams,” Pollard told i95.5 FM, a Trinidad-based radio station.

“But again, that speaks volumes of where our cricket as is at the moment. I feel it. I feel it for the guys because they are the ones that are going to get the bashing. And it’s not all their fault.”

The elimination attracted reactions from across the cricketing world. Australia legend Ricky Ponting ripped into the side and called the result a disgrace.

Pollard said, “We have a young captain, we have young players, guys who would have played only a handful of (matches in) T20 cricket and now they are in the World Cup.

“And when I look back at it, I sit back and I have a smile on my face. Because I remember some of the things that was said last year around this time, when some individuals weren’t selected.

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