Sri Lanka Sports Ministry Says “No” SLC office bearers For Asia Cup!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Even though Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is the hosting nation of the Asia Cup, Country’s Sports Ministry Is in no mood to allow board officials to fly to UAE!

The clueless Sri Lanka Sports Ministry, In a bizare and politically motivated decision, has refused to Approve Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Vice President domestic cricket Ravin Wickramaratne and other office bearers departure for the Asia Cup, Cricket Age exclusively learns.

Earlier Cricket Age had exclusively published that Ravin has been appointed as tournament Director of Asian Cricket Council (ACC). Following his appointment, Ravin has to Immediately fly to UAE for the Asia Cup, which begins on August 27 and will conclude on September 11.

However, according to Sports Ministry Insiders, Ravin’s departure has yet not been approved by the Sports Minister for some unknown reasons. Not only him, other board office bearers like Aruna de Silva have also not been permitted to fly to UAE for the tournament.

Notably, as per Country’s Sports Law, a SLC delegates Informs Sports Ministry only when he goes overseas for a meeting. But in this case Ravin has to go to look after logistics of the Asia Cup and Cricket Board’s Interest.

This is another example of growing political interference in the functioning of the Sri Lanka Cricket. In last few weeks, many clueless politicians have tried to paint wrong image of the Island’s most cherished game, just to fulfill their political agendas!

“As Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe doesn’t know anything about the Sport, he is destroying Sri Lanka Cricket Image at global level. How can Sports Ministry refuse to approve SLC office bearers travel for UAE, Ignoring that the board itself is hosting nation. This is the hight of political interference in Sport” a Sri Lanka Cricket Expert told Cricket Age.

More worryingly, in this ongoing political motivated agenda against SLC, Sports Ministry is antagoising BCCI and ACC also, as the decision of hosting the Asia Cup was taken by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and other members of the Asian governing body.

Cricket Age understands that Jay Shah, as ACC president, had already informed Sri Lanka Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe about the decision to shift the tournament, while stating that “he hopes that government of the Island will fully support SLC. However, In a politically motivated agenda, Sports Ministry Is putting SLC in grave danger of losing it’s credibility in world cricket!


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