Sri Lanka Sports Ministry Says ‘No’ to SLC Vice President Ravin Wickramaratne’s ACC Appointment!

Written by Rohit Pawar

Without any authority or Say, Sri Lanka Sports Ministry, In a bizare and politically motivated decision, has refused to Approve Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Vice President domestic cricket Ravin Wickramaratne’s Appointment As Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Tournament Director, Cricket Age exclusively learns.

Following his appointment, Ravin has to Immediately fly to UAE for the Asia Cup, which begins on August 27 and will conclude on September 11.

However, according to Sports Ministry Insiders, Ravin’s departure has yet not been approved by the Sports Minister for some unknown reasons.

Notably, as per Country’s Sports Law, a SLC delegates Informs Sports Ministry only when he goes overseas for a meeting. But in this case Ravin has to go to look after logistics of the Asia Cup and Cricket Board’s Interest.

This is another example of growing political interference in the functioning of the Sri Lanka Cricket. In last few weeks, many clueless politicians have tried to paint wrong image of the Island’s most cherished game, just to fulfill their political agendas!

“He (Ravin) has been appointed by ACC, which is Asia governing body and doesn’t come under Sports Ministry jurisdiction. Without any hassle, SLC is expected to earn approximately 6.5 million dollars from the Asia Cup as hosting nation. But the money can not simply pocketed out without shouldering the hosting nation responsibility. Now, If Sports Ministry will start directly interfering in Global Cricket bodies like ICC and ACC’s decisions, then very soon SLC will be in big danger” a Sri Lanka Cricket Expert told Cricket Age.

Interestingly, Sri Lanka Cricket is already feeling the heat following World Cup winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga’s appointment as Country’s National Sports Council (NSC) Chairman.

“If this is the case, then it will be a disaster for cricket in the country. As NSC Chairman, he has to understand his responsibility in moving forward the Sport In the Country. If this sort of Incident will emerge, especially knowing the fact that Ranatunga’s has personal grudge against Ravin Wickramaratne, then ultimately the game will suffer. If NSC or Sports Ministry has evidence against Ravin Wickramaratne or any of the SLC official, they can investigate. But the power must not be used for personal vendetta” Cricket Expert added further.

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