‘Look after your cricket, don’t tell us what to do, don’t interfere’: Gavaskar tears apart England, Australia

Legendary India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar launched a scathing attack on ‘old powers’ England and Australia for blaming IPL for disrupting the international cricket calendar.

The criticism against IPL started to gain momentum after multiple IPL franchise owners bought teams in the upcoming T20 leagues in South Africa and UAE which are likely to clash with the schedule of Australia’s Big Bash League and England’s The Hundred. Gavaskar advised England and Australia to ‘look after their interest’ and told them not to ‘interfere’ with the proceedings in Indian cricket.

“…By all means, look after your cricket interests but hey please don’t interfere in ours and tell us what to do. We will look after our interests and do it better than what you tell us to do,” Gavaskar wrote in his column for Sportstar.

Gavaskar called the outcry ‘amusing’ and said England and Australia started ‘squirming’ the moment the news about South Africa and UAE leagues came.

“It’s been amusing to read that the Indian Premier League is once again seen as a disruptor of the cricketing calendar of other international teams. The moment the news about the South African T20 league and the UAE T20 league came out, the ‘old powers’ started squirming and got their apologists to have a go at the IPL,” he wrote.


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