Pushpendra Albe’s Next Directorial Film ‘School’ Talks about Right To Equal Education!

Written by Vipin Darwade

Bollywood’s young maverick filmmaker Pushpendra Albe’s next directorial talks about the right to equal education and how this world can be changed through proper education also, Instead of focusing on chasing trillion economy, forming and toppling governments and wars. Titled “School”, the hard hitting, realistic drama film is based on India’s Primary Education Reform, positive changes in last 8 years during Narendra Modi government and will be bringing a never seen or heard before story on the Celluloid.

Notably, Pushpendra Albe’s last film Sector Balakot was also based on a real life subject: the 2020 air strike was a bombing raid conducted by Indian war planes In Balakot, Pakistan against an alleged terrorist training camp. Starring big bollywood actors Ashmit Patel, Vipul Gupta (2019 Blockbuster Tanhaji fame) and legendary Puneet Issar, Sector Balakot is a patriotic thriller. The film was originally scheduled to release on December 31st 2021, but due to Covid Lockdown was pushed back for October this year release. Pushpendra Albe has written story, screenplay and dialogues of Sector Balakot.

For “School”, apart from writing and directing it, Pushpendra Albe has wore Producer hat also. A famous actor, who has acted in a Hollywood film also, will be playing the lead role in School. The film will be produced under Pushpendra Albe’s production house Adopt A School Films, In association with Tamil Filmmaker Nikil Pranav R.

The shooting of the film will be starting from today (July 13) In Madhya Pradesh in a start-to-finish schedule.


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