Punjab Kings Co-owner Suggests IPL Of Two Halves, One In India, The Other Abroad

Written by Vishwas Gupta

Punjab Kings co-owner Ness Wadia feels that IPL should now be held in two separate halves with a significant increase in number of matches after the BCCI made a ‘killing’ at the media rights auction with USD 6.2 billion deal.

Over the next five years, there is a possibility that the IPL could have as many as 94 games and BCCI secretary Jay Shah has already said that the tournament will have a dedicated two and a half months in the next ICC’s FTP calendar.

“IPL has taken cricket to the global level. The IPL has provided the spark cricket needed and made it a global sport. It will get even bigger” he said.

“Having said that, seven matches at home, it is way too less. It should be a minimum of 14. I really see a much longer season which is long overdue.

“If you can’t have a long season of four months why not look at two seasons, one in India and one in a different country every year. Indians are everywhere around the world. There is huge potential for having many more games,” said Wadia.

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