Serious “Allegations” against Kamil Misahra Exposes Halangoda’s Incompetence as Sri Lanka Team Manager!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Serious “Allegations” against Sri Lanka’s rising opening left hand batter Kamil Misahra during the ongoing Bangladesh 2nd test has brutally exposed Team Manager Mahinda Halangoda’s Incompetence In handling the players and maintaining the dressing room discipline.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) on Tuesday called back Kamil from the two-Test tour of Bangladesh for allegedly breaching the “player’s conduct/behaviour” rules. The nature of the breach was not revealed by the SLC.

A statement issued by the country’s cricket body said, “Accordingly, Mishara, who is a part of the 18-member squad taking part in the ongoing Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh Series, will be immediately flown back to Sri Lanka.

SLC also said that an inquiry would be instituted, and depending upon its outcome, further action “would be determined”.

“Upon his return, Sri Lanka Cricket will conduct a full inquiry into the ‘violations’ and upon the outcome of the inquiry, further actions would be determined on the player,” the statement added.

However, when Cricket Age inquired the matter, it emerged that not because of breaching the Covid Protocols, but Kamil was ordered to immediately fly back due to a much more serious allegation!

And not so surprisingly, Team Insiders blames Manager Mahinda Halangoda for this perfect mess.

“Indeed, Kamil is the main culprit in this case, but we also must not forget that our team management structure is pathetic! Halangoda is one of the poorest managers, Sri Lanka team has ever had. Kamil and these other young players are not exposed to international arena and don’t know how to act at this level. In this scenario, a manager plays the most important role in guiding them. But here, we have Halangoda, who is utterly useless and Incompetent” a team source told Cricket Age.

“If we are in a control environment no outsider could enter. It’s only due to poor management. We all know Cameras are around. With all, if something of THAT gravity happened, it’s terrible on both manager and player” the team source added.

After Kamil’s Incident, serious questions were raised against Team’s so called Consultant Coach Mahela Jayawardene and Director Tom Moody also. Gifted with millions of salary package by Aravinda de Silva led Technical Advisory Committee ( which has perished now) only for their part time services, both Mahela and Moody do full time assignments in cash-rich Indian Premier League (IPL).

“Just look at our team management structure. It’s weak. The highly paid employees (Mahela and Moody) are not around hence no strength. Its better to have full time Director, who is dedicated to team with some authority rather than someone like Moody, who is just doing things for nothing. These are very ugly incidents in our environment. No other team has this type of issues” a cricket expert in Sri Lanka told Cricket Age.

Notably, Halangoda was forcefully brought back by SLC’s Incompetent Vice President Jayantha Dharmadasa. In his current tenure, Dharmadasa’s only contribution to the Sri Lanka Cricket is Halangoda’s return!

“He is a bigger curse to Sri Lanka Cricket then Thilanga Sumathipala, as Punchi Borella’s former president at least strengthened Sri Lanka Cricket Infrastructure significantly. But Dharmadasa did nothing, except for feeding catchers like Shibly and reviving his Nawaloka hospital through Cricket. Since last two decades, he has been landing at Maitland Place through his so called political connection. However, as Sri Lanka is witnessing a political revolution, it’s time to bid farewell or kick out Dharmadasa also” Sri Lanka Cricket expert added.

*As per it’s policy, Cricket Age never writes in details about the sort of incidents, which Kamil is accused of.


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