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A country of 21 million has been brought to its knees by 226 people: Legendary Kumar Sangakkara on Sri Lanka’s ongoing crisis

Written by Rohit Pawar

While former controversial off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan opted to turn government’s mouthpiece yesterday by urging people to stop protests, legendary Kumar Sangakkara has come hard on not only the ruling party, but all the politicians in the Island.

The 81-billion-dollar Sri Lankan economy is on the verge of collapse. The country is set to default on its debts now that it has to repay more than three times the amount it holds as foreign reserves. From the debt trap to inflation, many things contributed to the ongoing crisis.

Speaking during an Instagram interview with Heshan De Silva, Sangakkara said that just 226 people have destroyed the country of 21 million people.

“A country of 21 million has been brought to its knees by 226 people. The leaders we have elected have put in place bad policies and exercised terrible fiscal management, but worse they have shown absolutely no regret for putting their own citizens in this life-threatening situation,” he said.

He further opined that the people need immediate short term and long term solutions to the crisis.

“Shuffling the same deck of politicians in the hope that a week of gas or electricity or a week of food supplies is going to make the people shut up and be placid and more malleable again is not going to work again for these politicians. For this Government, for anyone,” he pointed out.

“A new, more aware, more awake, more determined, and fearless society that is united that has started this movement. And this is not a trend. This is here to stay,” he emphasized.

Sangakkara said he personally likes to believe in a Sri Lanka that does not just unite in hardships, but that takes the lessons from this crisis and builds a country in which racism and religious divide play no part in society or politics.

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