IPL 2022: ‘We’ve got to be able to close situations,’ says Mumbai Indians team director Zaheer Khan

Written by Rohit Pawar

Mumbai Indians team director Zaheer Khan said his team needed to close situations when the momentum began to shift away from his team. Mumbai Indians’ losing streak continued this season of the IPL with four back-to-back losses this season.

Mumbai lost to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on Saturday in Pune and the team are yet to find their first win.

When Zaheer was asked what was going wrong, he said, “Close situations. You’ve got to be able to close those moments of the game where the momentum is shifting. We’ve, as a team, not been able to do that. So that is something we have to focus on. Focus on the positives, the things that have been working for us, keep building on that. It’s a long season, so we have to keep things tight and keep getting better.”

Mumbai Indians in the past have managed to turn the ship around mid-way through the season. They have been known to be slow starters and with eleven games more to go the team is hopeful to bounce back. The team is yet to find a combination that they can trust going ahead.

Zaheer feels that the team needs to look at the spark in the group.

“There are still 11 league matches to go. We’ve got to get on a roll. You’ve seen in this tournament how teams get on a losing roll or gain winning momentum. It’s just a matter of (getting the) first win. At times you get tight as well, you start doubting yourselves in situations where the pressure is highest. So that is something we have to be aware of and look for that spark in the group,” he explained.

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