Bhanuka Rajapaksa’s supporters challenges SLC, Selectors, Sports Minister and System!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

In India, In just within last two months, modern day’s greatest batter Virat Kohli was either removed or forced to resign from all three formats of the game! He has not only been the mainstay of Indian batting for a decade now, but is also most popular cricketer on the earth. Even Then, BCCI didn’t hesitate to end Kohli’s era, because he was no longer in governing body’s scheme of things!

Then just recently, All India Selection Committee, led by former cricketer Chetan Sharma, dropped Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara, two of the most successful middle order batsman for india in recent years. Reason, Chetan and Co. found both Rahane and Pujara not so worthy in Team India’s roadmap in moving forward.

Kohli enjoys 187 Million followers on Instagram only! Rahane-Pujara also enjoys a cult status among millions of Indian Cricket fans!

Even Then, when Kohli was removed, when Rahane-Pujara were dropped, no one raised the question or protested against it, because the general perception was that its for the betterment of the Indian Cricket!

In exact opposite, In Sri Lanka, the supporters of a batter named Bhanuka Rajapaksa, who has a total of 409 International runs to his name, have forced a Sports Minister to clarify over his omission in parliament! The Selection committee was forced to give explanation over his removal! His supporters have challenged Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) also, through protests outside board’s headquarter!

That too, when Bhanuka was removed on fitness ground, as his skinfolds level was beyond the required measurement level around 80! Now, it’s neither Shammi Silva’s, Namal Rajapaksa’s nor Pramodaya Wickramasinghe’s fault that he couldn’t maintain fitness standard, even after being a professional athelete!

Even then, Bhanuka’s supporters are openly challenging the system, by completely ignoring the fact that the fitness standard is for everyone, not only for the left hander!

“The SLC should have taken strict action against Bhanuka, when he openly criticised then head coach Micky Arthur month ago. But SLC kept mum. Then, when Bhanuka announced retirement, Sports Minister unnecessarily intervened and convinced him to reverse the decision. Because of all these, now his supporters thinks he is bigger than the game” a Cricket expert in Sri Lanka told Cricket Age.

Interestingly, In past, many legendary players were treated badly by the decision makers of Sri Lanka Cricket! Lasith Malinga’s career was ruined by Cricket mafia, Dimuth Karunaratne, Angelo Mathews were removed from shorter formats without any reason and Kusal Perera is paying the price for standing against annual contract!

All these players are world class! Still, cricket fans didn’t protest for them. Instead, they opted to support a player, who has scored a total of 409 International runs!

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