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‘Felt Like People Were Not Sensitive Enough to my Injuries’: Ashwin on Contemplating Retirement Between 2018 And 2020

Written by Sumit Seth

Veteran India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has revealed he thought of quitting cricket at various points between 2018 and 2020 after his knee injury caused him several troubles. Ashwin is undoubtedly one of the best spinners to ever play the game for India and his numbers speak for themselves. He has received the most number of Man of the Series Award for India in Tests – 9.

The ace spinner who is currently in South Africa for the three-match Test series, has said that between 2017 and 2019, he first got struck by an injury called patellar tendonitis, which made even walking “excruciatingly painful”.

“Between 2018 and 2020, I contemplated giving up the sport at various points. I thought, ‘I have put in a lot of effort, but it is not coming through. The harder I tried, the farther it felt’. Especially with athletic pubalgia and the patellar tendonitis – I used to bowl six balls and then I used to be gasping for breath,” Ashwin told ESPNcricinfo.

“And there would be pain all over the place. So you needed to make adjustments. When the knee pain got excruciating, the next ball I would probably jump less. When I jumped less, obviously the force needs to be produced through the core and the back and the shoulders, so the pubalgia would act up. So the third ball I would be extra side-on to try to use the hips. By the time I was done with six balls, I would be like, ‘I need a break here’.”

The 35-year-old spinner said that some people were not “sensitive enough” to his injuries and said he needed a shoulder to lean on.

“You can brand me anything, you can kick me out, all that is fine, but to doubt my intent or my fight is something that deeply hurt me. I contemplated retirement for a lot of reasons. I felt like people were not sensitive enough to my injuries. I felt like a lot of people were backed, why not me? I have done no less. I have won a lot of games for the team, and I am not feeling backed. I don’t usually look for help; that somebody needs to back me; that somebody needs to cushion me or give me empathy. I felt I was not being able to be excellent and felt I needed a shoulder to lean on. It was not happening.”

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