Chris Gayle Doubtful of Playing For West Indies Again in International Cricket

Written by Vipin Darwade

Chris Gayle opened up on his international cricket future and said he is doubtful where he will ever play for West Indies again. The T20 batting stalwart played his last game for West Indies in the T20 World Cup against Australia as he also received the guard of honour from the opposition during the match. However, the Universe Boss has claimed that he has not retired from international cricket but feels there isn’t any game left for him.

In an interaction with ESPNCricinfo, Gayle was asked about his participation in next year’s T20 World Cup, to which the veteran opener said that he will be in Australia but not sure about as a player or as a supporter for West Indies team.

“I will be in Australia one way or the other next year (during the T20 World Cup). I will be there because I haven’t been there in sometime. The World Cup will be in Australia so I would be there. You know, it might take some extra effort. Sit in the stands, have a cold one and says ‘Hi guys, I’m here. I ain’t leaving. So yeah, I am looking forward to it,” Gayle said.

“It’s doubtful you will see me playing for West Indies again in international cricket. We have something planned against Ireland. I am just waiting for the board to finalise things. And once we get a date, we would find out what it is. It should be back home in Jamaica, Sabina Park. Final international run so I’m looking forward to it,” added Gayle.

The 42-year-old also talked about his cricketing journey and how he redefined the game of cricket with his explosive batting.

“I really and truly haven’t sat back and looked at what I have achieved, what I have done within the sport. But I am definitely a game-changer. I have changed the game of cricket, changed the way of how cricket is about having fun. I have changed so many things within the sport. Most of them wouldn’t come and say that ‘because of Gayle, we do this and that’. But yeah, I will leave myself with the credit, which I deserve. I am the game-changer. The Universe Boss,” he said.

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