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Sri Lanka manager Manuja Kariyapperuma becomes a troublemaker for SLC, Team!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Sri Lanka’s national team manager Manuja Kariyapperuma has  become a troublemaker for cricket board and dressing room alike, Cricket Age exclusively learns.

Earlier this month, SLC had appointed Kariyapperuma to continue in his role as manager of the national cricket team until the end of the ICC T20 World Cup in UAE and Oman on 14 November.

According to sources, few days ago, he barged in to SLC office and without any reason started making complaints.

“After this act, he was blasted by top board officials and was given the warning to focus on his job, without complaining” a SLC Insider told Cricket Age.

Then, SLC management also doesn’t seem satisfied with his conduct as national team manager.

“He doesn’t know his responsibility, even after a clear job description was given to him” another SLC source told Cricket Age.

Not only board people, even national team staff and players have complained about Kariyapperuma.

“He only talks about the food. All the times, he keeps inquiring that what will be served at the hotel and during matches. That’s all from him as team manager” an Insider at team management told Cricket Age.

It was published by Cricket Age few weeks ago itself that SLC vice president Jayantha Dharmadasa, for the betterment of the team, has been trying to replace Kariyapperuma since months, however he couldn’t succeed.

“Whispering at Maitland Place is that a legendary former player, who holds an important post now to oversee the cricket in the Island, seeks inside information of the board and dressing room through him” another SLC Insider told Cricket Age.



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