Joe Root’s Yorkshire display incredible sportsman spirit in Vitality blast defeat

Written by Vipin Darwade

Joe Root’s Yorkshire displayed amazing sportsman spirit when the team refused to run out Steven Croft after the Lancashire batsman fell down injured while taking a run during a group game of the Vitality Blast.

Notably, Lancashire’s Steve Croft stumbled and fell while attempting to steal a single and was laying on the ground in the middle of the pitch when the ball was returned to the Yorkshire wicketkeeper.

The incident took place in the 18th over of the game with Lancashire needing 15 runs from 18 deliveries, with five wickets in hand. However, the Yorkshire wicketkeeper decided not to dismiss Croft and threw the ball away as the team signaled the umpire to halt the play.

Croft was able to continue his innings, scoring a crucial 26 not out as Lancashire won by four wickets with an over to spare to secure their spot in the quarter-finals.

“As a side, we made a very difficult decision under pressure,” Yorkshire captain Joe Root said.

“(Croft’s injury) looked very serious at first glance. In many ways it was a relief it was nothing serious.

“I am sure there will be many opinions. Many people would have handled it differently.”

Croft lauded Yorkshire’s decision, adding the warm summer weather had got the better of him.

“Two games in two days at 36 (years old) and a bit of sun has done me,” Croft said.

“I put the brakes on, they worked, and my legs just cramped up. I didn’t know where the ball had gone.

“They could have taken the bails off and credit to them that they didn’t.”

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