Sri Lanka Cricket to Support 50 Domestic Cricketers With ‘One year Contracts’ amid a stubborn third COVID wave

Written by N Krishnamurthy

With a noble intention of extending a helping hand during the ongoing crisis period due to COVID, the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has decided to award one year contracts to 50 domestic players, Cricket Age exclusively learns.

Given how the third wave of the Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc in Sri Lanka, the situation is pretty much similar to what it was when the virus outbreak happened initially in early 2020. Thus, the cricketing calendar, especially domestic, has been severely dented as cases continue to rise in various parts, whereas the death toll has also witnessed a sharp spike. To make things worse, Sri Lanka on Thursday detected the highly transmittable Delta or B.1.617.2 variant of COVID-19 in five patients, amid a stubborn third wave persisting through a near-month-long lockdown in the country.

“2021 has also turned out a nightmare for Sportsperson around the globe, as the Coronovirus is creating havoc once again. In Sri Lanka too, situation remains the same. Like any other sport, our domestic calendar has been badly affected due to the pandemic. In this crisis time, being the parent body, by taking the morale responsibility we have unanimously decided to award one year contracts to 50 domestic players including 18 emerging players, who have been performing well over the years” a top SLC official told Cricket Age.

In addition, the SLC has also decided to provide monetary support to school coaches, as they are also going through lots of hardship.

“The board has decided to support the school coaches as well, by providing some financial assistance in this difficult time” the top official added.

Notably, the SLC had extended it’s support for the school coaches last year also.  On 19th May  2020, Cricket Age had published that the SLC had come forward to provide financial support in paying part of struggling school coaches outstanding wages, through the Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Association (SLSCA). The reports had stated that the SLC president Shammi Silva had granted a lump sum amount of 4.5 Million for 225 registered coaches (LKR 25,000 per coach). This payment was distributed through the SLSCA. This time also, the money will be distributed through SLSCA.

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