India’s bowling unit forces opposition to think about wickets they want to offer, states Mohammed Shami

Written by Abhishek Patil

Ahead of the World Test Championship final in Southampton, Mohammed Shami has stated that the Indian bowling attack has forced the oppositions to think about the wickets they want to offer. Shami also praised the camaraderie between the juniors and the seniors in the dressing room.

Over the last two years, India’s track record – both home and away – with the emergence of their pace bowling unit has made them one of the strongest teams in Test cricket. Last year, in Australia, India seemed unfazed by the pace and bounce, with the Indian bowling unit toppling Australian batting with ease.

Ahead of the World Test Championship final, where talks of a green track are going around, the Indian bowling attack should have relatively no worries. Indian pacer Mohammed Shami stressed that the Indian bowling unit has forced the opposition to think about the wickets they want to offer. Not just that, Shami also credited that the rise of four-five pacers, who could hit the 145 kmph mark has made the bowling attack stand out.

“The best thing about our bowling unit is that we have 4-5 pacers who can constantly bowl at over 140-145 clicks. You can find 1-2, but to find 4-5 is tough, and we have that. We force the opposition to think what wickets they want to offer us,” Shami told India News.

“I don’t think we’ve had bowlers who could bowl at this pace earlier, we never had 4-5 of them coming in units. Earlier, teams used to plan easily against us but today they are forced to think otherwise,” Shami added.

Over the years, the team dynamics have changed in such a manner that there is a balanced mixture of new blood with experienced players. Shami points out that the atmosphere and the camaraderie in the dressing room between the juniors and seniors are amazing. He also reflected that it is of utmost importance to make the country, captain and the board proud of the performance.

“As seniors, our duty is to tell the youngsters to ask us things freely. Overall, the atmosphere and camaraderie between the juniors and seniors is amazing. The thing is, all of us will have to leave the game someday but it is important to think about what we are leaving behind, for the team and the youngsters. It’s important to make your country, captain and the board proud,” Shami added.

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