Special Investigation Unit raid SLC after Cricket Age Expose on Sujeewa Godaliyadda

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Sports Ministry Tuesday conducted an investigation at the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) headquarters Maitland Place, in the aftermath of an exclusive story published by Cricket Age against former ExCo member Sujeewa Godaliyadda.

Earlier in the week, Cricket Age had exposed that Godaliyadda, former ExCo member in Shammi Silva led committee, for two consecutive days took files from his cabin at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) headquarter Maitland Place with the help of his secretary. The exclusive story had stated that on May 2, Godaliyadda was seen at SLC headquarter in search of some important files. Next day (May 3), instead of coming himself, he sent his driver to take another set of files, with the help of his secretary.

“Following the exclusive story published by the Cricket Age, SIU officials spent almost six hours at board headquarter, conducting searches at various places (CCTV room, Godaliyadda cabin) in connection with the case” a top SLC official was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Shammi Silva camp claimed that there is nothing wrong in Godaliyadda coming at SLC, even though they are not sure he carried files.

“Even though, we are not at Maitland Place, we can go there any time, as stakeholders of the board. Not only we, anyone, even K. Mathivanan can visit board headquarter if he want. Though, we don’t know the purpose of his (Godaliyadda) visit there” a member of Shammi Silva camp told Cricket Age.

SLC is currently overseen by a Management Committee chaired by Prof. Arjuna de Silva, as the board election is scheduled to take place on May 20.

Under the Sports Law of the country, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) comprise a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and a Superintendent of Police (SP) to implement the legal provisions of the Prevention of Offences Relating to Sports Act. The two members appointed to the Unit are WAJH Fonseka, SSP (Director/Chief) and SMJ Samaranayake SP (Deputy Director). The appointments have been made by the Minister for three years with effect from February 15 in keeping with the powers vested in him under Section 21 of the Act. The relevant order was published in a Gazette Extraordinary on February 3.

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