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SLC Media Coordinator Nilushi Accused of Promoting Thilanga’s Agenda

Written by Rohit Pawar

Nilushi Lakmali, media coordinator at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), has been accused of promoting former board president Thilanga Sumathipala’s agenda among country’s media personnel.

Thilanga, who is not active in cricket politics anymore, had issued a media statement denying the financial irregularities allegations against him, which were made during the parliament debate on April 21. While Thilanga made an valid point stating that he can’t be held responsible for Sports Minister Faizer Musthapha appointee competent authority Kamal Padmasiri tenure at SLC in 2018, shockingly Nilushi, who gets a hefty salary package from the SLC for doing nothing, sent former president’s media statement related stuff among journalists.

“Being a part of board media unit, it’s surprising that she was doing Punchi Borella’s work. She was brought at Maitland Place by Thilanga and do nothing apart from cutting and pasting articles” an Insider at SLC told Cricket Age.

Moreover, Nilushi is also accused of giving complimentary match tickets to parliament journalists, as they are loyal to Thilanga.

“She keeps dozens of tickets from media quota and gives it to parliament media personnel, even though they have nothing to do with cricket. Incompetent media manager Prasanna Rodrigo has no control over this” the Insider added.


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