‘Backdated’ gazette drama put Namal Rajapaksa under scanner

Written by Sumit Seth

A ‘backdated’ gazette drama has put Sri Lanka’s Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa under scanner, who has been alleged to bat for ousted president Shammi Silva and his administration.

An extraordinary gazette notification, which was strategically circulated last week by interested parties,  indicates that the Namal had given authorization for Shammi Silva led administration that they could function in their offices till April 4 although their terms ended on the 21st of February.

This comes in the wake of country’s Attorney-General (AG) Department’s recommendation that the present office-bearers term had expired on 20 February and that SLC should be placed under a new management committee till the elections on 20 May.

“According to the gazette notification, Mr. Shammi Silva administration term will be deemed as valid till April 4.  It has been issued as per Attorney-General (AG) Department’s recommendation” a top Sports Ministry official had told Cricket Age on April 5.

But the K. Mathivanan faction questioned the reason behind backdated gazette.

“If the Shammi Silva administration term was valid until April 4, why did the Minister have to seek the ruling of the Attorney General after we protested that their term was over on March 20 itself” an insider at K. Mathivanan camp told Cricket Age.

According to sources, by issuing a backdated gazette, Namal has dented his own image and put his political career at risk.

“If it was clear by 17th February itself that Shammi Silva administration term is until April 4, then, 1. why minister didn’t announce it on March 20 itself, when technically Shammi Silva term over, 2. and, why even secretary was talking about the possibility of competent authority or five member committee, when his own ministry had extended the tenure?” the insider raised more questions.

 Cricket Age understand that the K. Mathivanan camp is determined to drag the matter to the court.

“Even if minister has tried to safeguard Shammi Silva and co by issuing a backdated gazette, it would have been recorded. The minister has made a grave mistake and we are definitely going to court” the insider added further.


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