57 affiliated clubs write to Sports Ministry showing solidarity with Shammi Silva administration

Written by Rohit Pawar

Out of the 85 affiliated clubs of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), 57 have written to Sports Ministry showing the solidarity with Shammi Silva led administration at Maitland Place, Cricket Age reliably learns. This came in the wake of country’s Attorney-General (AG) Department’s recommendation that the present office-bearers term had expired on 20 February and that SLC should be placed under a new management committee till the elections on 20 May.

“All the 57 clubs have expressed their displeasure over possible dissolving of Shammi Silva led administration and have requested the honorable Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa to allow the same office bearers to continue till the board AGM on May 20. Today, 4-5 more clubs are going to request the same to the ministry” a top SLC official told Cricket Age. 

The Sports Ministry had sought legal advice from the AG after Colombo Colts CC challenged the legality of the current administration headed by Shammi Silva pointing out that their two-year term in office according to the SLC constitution had ended on 20 February.

“Our normal two-year term in office finishes on 31 May, but because of a court ruling in 2019 the AGM was conducted by the Sports Ministry on 21 February 2019 as SLC was then run under a Competent Authority who was the then Sports Minister’s secretary” the top SLC official added.

“If there is any problem with regard to the SLC constitution the Sports Law which supersedes it can be applied by the Minister of Sport who has the powers to do so. The term of office for any sports body is four years under the Sports Law and the Sports Minister can give the incumbent office-bearers to go on until even four years,” the top SLC official added further.

Shammi Silva administration also claimed that they are currently in talks with the ICC and the ACC to host the Asia Cup in the first two weeks of June this year. If there is a drastic change in the administration, the board will lose the opportunity and the dates will be pushed back to next year.

The election is scheduled to be held on the 20th of May at 10.30 AM at the Ministry of Sports Auditorium. If it takes place, an election of office bearers to Sri Lanka Cricket will go down in history as the most dubious and foul-play ridden ballot that the Shammi Silva camp is expected to wrap up on May 20.

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