Five Member Committee For Sri Lanka Cricket: Time For Sports Minister to think out of the Box

Written by Rohit Pawar

In appointing five member committee For Sri Lanka Cricket, Country’s Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa must not seek advice from those who were demanding 5 million per month salary for Charlie Austin and now have flown to India along with so called Cricket Director Tom Moody to participate in Indian Premier League (IPL). Instead, it’s an opportunity for him to think something out of the box. It’s an opportunity for him to make an impact.

As Attorney General’s (AG’s) department has confirmed Shammi Silva led administration’s exit from the Maitland Place, Sports Ministry is set to appoint a five member committee. However, as it’s always been a norm with Sri Lanka cricket, interested parties and camps are lobbying for their favorites, dummies inclusion in the said committee as well.

The final decision will be taken by Country’s Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa. Ideally, and for the sake of Sri Lanka cricket, Shammi Silva administration should be allowed to continue as Interim arrangement, as it’s only for six weeks before SLC AGM takes place on May 20.

If not, then Minister needs to appoint a committee comprising of unbiased and genuine, well reputed people.

As it’s going to be a crucial decision, Cricket Age conducted a survey among former administrators, former players, SLC staff members, district and provincial cricket associations, clubs officials and fans.

Based on the survey,  here are the most ideal people to serve the committee:

Roshan Mahanama: Not only he is a member of 1996 world cup winning team, but is also among most respected voices in Sri Lanka cricket. A legend of the game, as well as a true gentleman, he is everyone’s Idol. If Namal seriously wants to give a positive image to Sri Lanka cricket, no one is better than Mahanama to head the committee!

Sidath Wettimuny: Same as Mahanama, he is also a true ambassador of Sri Lanka cricket. Unbiased, uncomplicated and he has served Sri Lanka cricket in past as well. With unmatched administrative knowledge, he could be a jewel in the committee.

Ana Punchihewa: He was the president of Sri Lanka cricket, when legendary Arjuna Ranatunga and his team won the 1996 World Cup. A proven administrator and a well reputed businessman as well, he can brings a corporate vision at Maitland Place in moving forward. Time and again, he has advocated for running SLC like a company and it’s the time to give him the responsibility to make his vision a reality.

Upali Dharamadasa:  Jayantha failed miserably and ruined his own reputation by parachuting at Maitland Place in August last year, but Upali can be an asset in five member committee. A close ally of Rajapaksa family, he still has the passion to bring Sri Lanka cricket back on track and this is the time to provide him that opportunity!

Hemaka Amarsuriya:  A corporate leader and executive, who holds and has held many corporate positions in Sri Lanka and the region. He was the former chairman and CEO of Singer Sri Lanka. He is also the chairman of Sri Lanka Insurance, Nations Trust Bank and NDB Group. He had served Sri Lanka Cricket as well – chairman of the Interim Committee in 2002.

Asanga Seneviratne: He had served SLC as vice president and interim committee member from 2012 to 2016. An visionary, as an administrator he had closely worked with school cricket, finding much needed sponsorship and providing technical input. He can be instrumental in bringing corporate culture in Sri Lanka cricket.

Panduka Keerthinanda: One of the most knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in the field of Sports Law, he was  instrumental in bringing National  Sports Policy, Convention Against  Doping in Sports  and Prevention of Offences  Relating to Sports. Former legal advisor to ministry of Sports, he brings legal and Sports Laws expertise on the board!

It’s a critical time for Sri Lanka cricket. Thus, those people should be given the responsibility, who can bring positive image to the game, not those who wants to bring Tharindu Kaushal and Pulina Tharanga into the national team!


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