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Sri Lanka Cricket High Performance Centre Still Await for Dormitory Manager Nilhan Mendis!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Over a year of his appointment, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) High Performance Centre (HPC) is still awaiting its dormitory manager Nilhan Mendis arrival at Khettterama.

Nilhan, cousin of SLC powerful HR manager Tanesh Dias, was recruited in early 2020. However, even after more than a year, he is yet to reach at HPC!

“He was recruited for HPC, but never came here. He is at Maitland Place from the first day of his appointment doing nothing, but continually drawing the salary” an insider at HPC told Cricket Age.

Surprisingly, even HPC coaches and employees are not aware of Nilhan existence as dormitory manager! When Cricket Age inquired about him, 90% HPC coaches and staff replied that they never heard this name!

The SLC, however, defended Nilhan prolonged stay at Maitland Place, instead of going at Khetterama.

“He was hired as dormitory manager, but due to COVID crisis, outstation players are not staying at HPC. That’s why, Nilhan couldn’t go there” a top SLC official told Cricket Age.


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