‘Poor Man’s MS Dhoni’: Ramiz Raja Finds Similarities in Misbah & Former India Skipper

Written by Vipin Darwade

Former Pakistan skipper Ramiz Raja, while talking about Misbah-ul-Haq has said that he is the ‘poor man’s MS Dhoni’ in a recent interview. He went on to say, that though Misbah has the calm demeanor of Dhoni, but the former needs to adapt to change.

“Misbah’s training and upbringing is different. Let me put it this way, he is the poor man’s Dhoni. MS was also restrained, no expressions and not emotional. Misbah is also like this but I think now he has to go on modern thinking,” Ramiz said in an interview on the Cricket Baaz YouTube channel.

“Misbah has to take a new direction because there is a need to set the GPS right for Pakistan cricket because aggression is in our DNA. I think at times he gets too protective and he gets cagey as soon as we lose a match. But if our products and talent is right we shouldn’t be afraid of hiccups and setbacks.”

Ramiz also said that the reliance on foreign coaches should stop. “In the past I could understand we needed foreign coaches because we were young to this field but now we have grown ourselves in this area. “In fact I think there is no need to have permanent coaches with the team for all tours and we should only be appointing specialist coaches as required on tour to tour series to series basis.

“Appointment of coaches should be tour-based and opposition based. Use their expertise for a series and move on rather than carry on with them for a long period.”


He also spoke about the World Test Championship, and the flawed concept. “Teams didn’t play the same number of matches and even the points system was weird. Next time when the WTC is held no cricket should be held at that time, No ODIs or T20s, if you want to promote test cricket and infuse life into it and also attract sponsors to this format,” he added.

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