‘Not satisfied with reasons given by the Election Committee on our objections against Shammi Silva administration’ – Nishantha Ranatunga

Written by Rohit Pawar

The three legends – Nishantha Ranatunga, K. Mathivanan and Bandula Warnapura Thursday launched a scathing attack against the Shammi Silva led administration at Maitland Place, while terming it a complete failure in every aspect. During a press conference at prestigious Colts Cricket Club, the ‘Big Three’ as they call themselves, who have formed a team to contest in the forthcoming Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), have highlighted that the cricket in the Island is virtually on ventilator, with the national team is languishing in the ICC Rankings in all three formats.

“It’s a completely failed administration. The performance of the national team in all three formats has been below par for years now. For the next T20 World Cup, team has to play in qualified round, which itself is a national shame. If this continues, Sri Lanka will soon lose its test status” Iconic Nishantha Ranatunga said.

“The purpose of the press briefing is to enlighten the media and the general public of what we have done in terms of objections for the nominations submitted by the opposition. For the presidency post they have submitted three nominees, for the post of two vice-presidents – four nominees, post of secretary – three nominees, post of assistant secretary – four nominees, post of treasurer – four nominees and post of assistant treasurer – four nominees.

“We have filed objections to the Elections Commission appointed by the present SLC ExCo and we have also objected to the Sports Minister with regard to the time frame they are able to hold office. Usually, the time period to hold office is four years, but a maximum of two years. Last time the elections were held was on 20 February 2019. We have written to the Sports Minister and the Ministry Secretary and Director-General Sports and we were told that the matter has been referred to the Attorney General for advice.”

Ranatunga expressed disappointment with the Elections Committee.

“We expected them to give us a positive response to our objections in terms of all the accusations we have made against the current office-bearers, and for all the violations they have made for which we have got documentary evidence. However, we are very disappointed with the response of the Elections Committee.”

“To remind you, even in the last two elections held in 2017 and 2019 the same thing happened. In 2019, we had to go to the Appeal Court and we had to go to Courts to get the real outcome of our objections. Even with regard to 2017, we had to follow the same process. We had to go to court and we managed to keep some of the people who are not supposed to be eligible to contest, out,” said Ranatunga.

“Financially, as well as at management level, this administration has been exposed long time ago. So much so that for the ongoing West Indies tour, the board couldn’t send a fast bowling coach. It’s a national shame the captain of the T20I team could not be sent to West Indies due to visa issues. These sort of things never happened before” he added.

The Election for the Office Bearers of Sri Lanka Cricket for the term 2021-23 will be held on May 20th this year from 10.30 am at the Duncan White Auditorium of the Ministry of Sports. Mathivanan, Nishantha and Warnapura have submitted their nominations for the post of President, Secretary and Vice President posts respectively.

“The “Strategic Plan” to take Sri Lanka Cricket to greater heights in world cricket will be submitted as time goes on considering the wealth of experience the three of us poses” said Mathivanan.

“It is justified, that in the present context a change needs to take place considering the dismal performances the National Team in all three formats of the game.  It is so unfortunate that in addition to the recent performances at International Level, the domestic structure need to be re-considered to ensure greater stability. Therefore, we look forward to contesting the Election with a vision to develop cricket in the country” said Warnapura.

It is noteworthy, that many contestants in the opposition are not suitable / eligible to hold the relevant positions, in terms of the Sports Act No. 25 of 1973, the amendments made to the Act, the rules and regulations as well as the constitution of Sri Lanka Cricket, which has caused the standard of cricket to deteriorate due to bad governance.

In the light of such events, the three biggies have submitted their objections against those nominees to the Election Committee and not satisfied with the decision / reasons given by the Election Committee and thereby wish to appeal once again to the “Appeal Committee”.

The Candidates they objected are stated below:- 

  1. Shammi Silva – Post of President
  2. Mohan de Silva – Post of President
  3. Jayantha Dharmadasa – Post of President
  4. Jayantha Dharmadasa – Post of Vice President
  5. Ravin Wickramaratne – Post of Vice President
  6. Bandula Dissanayake – Post of Vice President
  7. Nalin Aponso – Post of Vice President
  8. Mohan de Silva – Post of Secretary
  9. Nalin Aponso – Post of Secretary
  10. Bandula Dissanayake – Post of Secretary
  11. Krishantha Kapuwatta – Post of Assistant Secretary
  12. Bandula Dissanayake – Post of Assistant Secretary
  13. Shammi Gunasekara – Post of Assistant Secretary
  14. Sujeewa Godaliyadda – Post of Assistant Secretary
  15. Lasantha Wickramasinghe – Post of Treasurer
  16. Sujeewa Godaliyadda – Post of Treasurer
  17. Sujeewa Godaliyadda – Post of Assistant Treasurer
  18. Ananda Kumara – Post of Assistant Treasurer


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