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Galle CC Top Brass awaits for Pitigala’s response before taking action!

Written by Rohit Pawar

The prestigious Galle Cricket Club (CC) is awaiting for its controversial secretary Gajaba Pitigala’s response in fake memberships scandal before taking any action against him, Cricket Age reliably learns.

Yesterday (March 11) Cricket Age had exclusively published that Pitigala has been accused of selling fake Galle CC memberships, which incurred a loss of  SLR 1 million to the club. The accusations have been levelled by the cricket fans itself, who wanted to become the members of the club, but instead were cheated by Pitigala. The victims have already brought the matter in some of club top officials knowledge and are preparing to lodge a police complaint in upcoming days.

“We have already set up an inquiry committee, which has notified Mr. Pitigala to present the proofs that he is not involved in this scam. Once he responds, on basis of the committee, the appropriate action will be taken against him” a top Galle CC official told Cricket Age.

However, when inquired, it learnt that Pitigala is deliberately delaying the process, eyeing on forthcoming Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) election. As, traditionally, Messiahs of Sri Lanka cricket becomes most fragile and vulnerable during election time, Pitigala hopes that he will be able to bargain with interested TAKERS, as the Galle CC offers 2 valuable votes in board AGM. As a Secretary of Galle CC, Pitigala will be voting on behalf of the club in the AGM, which is scheduled to be held on May 20.

“He is delaying, making lame excuses that he is busy in SLC election, as if he himself is contesting for the Miatland Place top posts. These all are his tactics to drag the matter till May 20” the Galle CC top official added.

The sensational allegations have dented Galle CC image big time, as the victims, who were cheated through fake memberships, are gearing up to take appropriate action on their own. However, as far as Galle CC is concerned, the top brass also seems to follow the SLC footsteps of prioritizing self interests before the game! Cricket Age understands that some of the top people of Galle CC were involved in liquor controversy, they are thinking of safeguarding themselves before taking action against Pitigala.

Notably, in International cricket, just few days ago even Manu Sawhney, the ICC chief executive, was been asked to go on leave after adverse findings of his management style emerged in an internal culture review of the sport’s governing body. Here in Sri Lanka Cricket, an ordinary club secretary becomes so powerful and manipulative that he thinks that he can get scot-free with the help of the corrupt system. If this time also, Pitigala manages to escape harsh punishment or suspension, then the latest flag bearers like Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara sitting right and left of an eager to prove Sports Minister will be termed a big joke!



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