Dambulla Land controversy: An attempt to defame legendary Kumar Sangakkara?

Written by Rohit Pawar

The Dambulla land controversy involving legendary batsman Kumar Sangakkara is a malicious and concerted effort by few local government officials to defame the former Sri Lanka captain, in order to hide their wrongdoings, Cricket Age reliably learns.

Since Yesterday, several media reports in Sri Lanka have accused Sangakkara’s wife of fraudulently transferring a land that was handed over by the Government to a low income family.

However, when inquired, it learnt that Sangakkara and his wife Yeheli had written to Land Commissioner, urging him to investigate a land deed they had obtained, as they had received information that those lands were transferred to them in a fraudulent manner.

Cricket Age understands that even the land registration department acknowledged Sangakkara in exposing the scam. As he exposed the fraudulent act, it seems that the interested parties have started the campaign against the legendary batsman. The investigation is going on and already local Gramasevaka has been suspended.

“The story was first carried by a Sinhala news paper, written by a local correspondent of the said area, without any authenticity and facts check from the concerned parties” an insider, wary of the developments, told Cricket Age. 

Sangakkara has also rejected the media reports. Posting a brief statement in his Facebook page, he denied the allegations calling it malicious and false.

In addition, Commissioner General of Lands G.D. Keerthi Gamage has also said that the fraudulent land deal linked to Sangakkara was exposed after a complaint filed by him and wife and was submitted to him in January.

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