Interim Committee or Extension For Shammi Silva administration? Sri Lanka Sports Minister to take a call

Written by Rohit Pawar

Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa has a task in his hands to decide whether to continue with Shammi Silva led administration at Maitland Place to run the cricket in the Island or to appoint an interim committee as a stop gap option.

The tricky situation has arisen following a letter from Colts Cricket Club stalwart Nishantha Ranatunga’s to Namal asking for the appointment of the Interim committee, stating that the present SLC administration’s term has expired on February 20 itself.

Cricket Age had yesterday exclusively published the letter, sent by Nishantha.

“The Office Bearers of Sri Lanka Cricket are elected to hold office for a period of two years and not more. Thereby, the office of the Office Bearers of Sri Lanka Cricket elected 21st February 2019, expired on the 20th February 2021, and are not legally entitled to hold office, or exercise the powers of the office anymore, and the said Office Bearers continuing to hold office and exercise the powers of the office are blatantly ultra vires, wrongful, illegal, unlawful, and has no avail in law.

In these circumstances, we being a Controlling Member of the Sri Lanka Cricket, are concerned that the Sri Lanka Cricket may not be able to lawfully function as the term of the Office Bearers are ended, and the next election would not take place until 20th May 2021. Therefore, we kindly urge you, Sir, to exercise your discretion vested under section 32 of the Sports Law No. 25 of 1973 and suspend the registration of Sri Lanka Cricket up until the election in concluded in May 2021, and until then under the powers vested under section 33 of the Sports Law No. 25 of 1973, appoint an interim committee to carry out the duties and functions of Sri Lanka Cricket and thereby ensure the smooth and lawful functioning of Sri Lanka Cricket” the letter reads.

When Cricket Age inquired the matter with Sports Ministry, it emerged that it’s Namal Rajapaksa’s call to decide the fate of Sri Lanka cricket!

“It’s up-to him. As a Sports Minister, he has the power to ask Mr. Shammi Silva led administration to continue till the May 20 election. The Sports Law of the country states the 4 years term for Sports bodies. However, as per SLC constitution, it’s 2 year term. So, the honorable Minister has to decide. He has both the option” a top Sports Ministry official told Cricket Age.

Meanwhile, in its defense, Shammi Silva led administration claimed that the election committee for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) was appointed on January 7 itself.

“Also, we submitted annual accounts before 28th February itself. If Interim committee scenario comes, it will further push board election for next couple of months” a top SLC official told Cricket Age.

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