Virat Kohli certainly should have been banned for the next 3 Tests: David Lloyd

Written by Vipin Darwade

Cricketer-turned-commentator David Lloyd has criticised India captain Virat Kohli for “criticising, berating, intimidating and ridiculing an official on the pitch”.

Notably, during the 2nd Test in Chennai between India and England, Joe Root was trapped in front in the penultimate over of the day by Axar Patel and India initially appealed for caught behind. Wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant was confident but on-field umpire Nitin Menon was unmoved. After a long discussion, India went for the review.

The replays showed the ball hitting Joe Root’s pad but no edge was detected. However, since the point of impact appeared to be on the line, the third umpire also checked for LBW. Slow-motion replays suggested that the ball had hit Root on line as a part of the off-stump was even visible when the ball made contact with the pad.

Virat Kohli was not happy with the decision as he walked up to the umpire to express his displeasure. Kohli was seen having a long conversation with the umpire before the players carried on with the proceedings.

Reacting to the incident, the former England cricketer has said that in any other sport, Virat Kohli would have been sent off the field for his behaviour, adding that the 32-year-old should “certainly” not be playing in the third Test at Motera Cricket Stadium.

“No word of any disciplinary action against Virat Kohli then? I chuckle and I despair. Cricket is so archaic. The captain of a national team is allowed to criticise, berate, intimidate and ridicule an official on the pitch.

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