Will Jayantha Dharmadasa Resign After Sri Lanka’s Galle Drubbing?

Written by N Krishnamurthy

As Dinesh Chandimal led side generously gifted second Galle test to visiting England and surrendered the series 2-0, fans are left stunned! Demands of resignations are overflowing from everywhere! While the majority of cricket fans wants to see Asantha De Mel led selection committee’s removal, experts and former administrators are on the opinion that it’s Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) vice president International cricket Jayantha Dharmadasa, who must take the responsibility of this pathetic brand of cricket by the national team and resign!

As, like the universe itself, cricket was on ‘pause’ mode for months due to global pandemic, SLC surprisingly emerged as a stable organisation, especially when even more richer boards like ECB and Cricket Australia collapsed financially!

President Shammi Silva surprisedĀ  with his management skills in a pandemic year, as entire staff, contracted players, umpires, match referees were continuely been paid despite no cricket for months! Vice president Ravin Wickramaratne domestic cricket was praised for successfully organizing Lanka Premier League (LPL) amid COVID scare. Secretary Mohan De Silva remained as clinical as ever! Even Maitland Place’s peons and drivers proved their worth in a disastrous year!

Only failure was Jayantha Dharmadasa!

“I wants to see Sri Lanka cricket prospering” he kept saying his entire life. By now, Sri Lanka cricket fraternity knows he forcefully parachuted himself at Maitland Place in August last year only for monetary reasons! Already fed up with his never ending presence, Sri Lanka players, especially seniors, keep asking to journalists – why the hell he has returned?

“It’s absurd to think even that he will contribute to cricket at this retirement age. At 70, what can he bring on the table now?” one of his former team member askedĀ Cricket Age.

Since his politically backed arrival five months ago, he has not involved with International cricket at any level! He comes to office once in a moon! He doesn’t get involved in International cricket department meetings! He has not presented any sort of blue print or proposal to arrest the downfall of the national team, in all three formats.

Instead, his focus remained only on two things – how he can benefit his loyal Shibly and how he can bring more PCR tests for his floundering Navaloka! Only one organisation has benefited by Dharmadasa’s arrival – Shibly’s Cricket Shop!

“When he arrived, he talked big, like ‘I will bring back Sri Lanka team’s performance on track’. Five months on, team is limping in ICC rankings in all three formats. So, it’s the more obvious question to ask now – Will Jayantha Dharmadasa Resign after Sri Lanka’s two Galle Drubbing in a raw?” his another former associate raised the question.

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