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Former Umpires Ismail Dawood & John Holder to Sue ECB Over Alleged Racial Discrimination

Written by Abhishek Patil

Former umpires Ismail Dawood and John Holder have decided to sue ECB for alleged racial discrimination, according to a report in Sky Sports. The duo have claimed institutionalised racism and have demanded an inquiry into the ECB Umpires department that has not appointed a non-white full-time umpire in the last 28 years.

Dawood has went on to allege that his career was cut short as he was overlooked for promotion fro over six times, while former white players jumped above him. Dawood, who represented four counties during an 11-year playing career, told Sky Sports News: “I was told I was going to get promoted one year in an appraisal, it was verbal. It didn’t transpire.

“On six different occasions I was superseded in terms of getting promotion. My reports and statistical data by various different people who do the reports were all of a sound manner and I wasn’t given the opportunities to gain promotion, which of course I felt aggrieved about.

“I still don’t know why my career was cut short. We believe there has been systematic failings within, a type of bullying, harassment and cronyism which I was involved with in terms of the umpiring fraternity, was terrible.

“If it was another organisation, some of the behaviour dished out by management and endorsed by the board was truly unacceptable.

“I feel really aggrieved in terms of how I was treated, it left me very isolated.”

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