Namal Rajapaksa gives a new twist to Interim Committees ‘theories’ in Sri Lanka Cricket!

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Even though Namal Rajapaksa was just recently appointed as Sri Lanka’s Sports Minister, he has always been regarded as a passionate follower of game. Especially, for and behalf of the Cricket, Sri Lanka’s most cherished game, he has always been vocal on social media platforms! So, no surprise that, Popular among majority of Sri Lanka cricketers as Aiyaa, Namal is tipped to take Sri Lanka cricket to next level!

Recently Namal hogged the limelight, when earlier this week during an event in Colombo he made an interesting observation on the impact of interim committees in the Sri Lanka cricket!

Those, who follows Sri Lanka cricket, are familiar with the word ‘Interim committees’. At Maitland Place, Interim committees are quite frequent. The general perception is that Interim committees comes to rescue Sri Lanka cricket! Those, who have been a part of countless interim committees, proudly claims that they have always cleaned up the corruption in Sri Lanka cricket, committed by the elected bodies!

During the fateful event, Namal, however, punctured those claims and theories!

“In Sri Lanka cricket, the interim committees always spends all the board money. It has always been a trend, that whenever there is any Television right deal, the interim committee comes to the power. They spends the money and disappears. Then elected bodies comes again with a huge task to bring things back on track” Namal said during the event.

This is indeed a big observation about the interim committees! In Sri Lanka, not only during the TV rights deal, even after every election and government change, claims start floating that soon there will be an interim committee at SLC. Even now, after the return of Rajapaksa’s, concerned people claims for an interim committee!

It seems, however, that the present Sports Minister thinks otherwise!


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