South Africa face potential suspension after Olympic body removes Cricket board

Written by Sumit Seth

South Africa could be suspended from international cricket after a violation of International Cricket Council’s (ICC) constitution which doesn’t allow government intervention in any of its member board’s functioning, Cricket Age exclusively learns.

South Africa cricket finds itself in major crisis after the country’s cricket board, Cricket South Africa was suspended by the Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee, a government body overlooking the broader sports in the country.

This has meant that Cricket South Africa has ceased daily operations and it throws into doubt the future of the team in international cricket. ICC rules forbid government interference and this could mean that the national team’s participation in international tournaments could be jeopardized.

The ICC, though has not yet officially responded over South Africa crisis, has raised serious concern after South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) asked Cricket South Africa’s board to step aside as it investigates “many instances of maladministration and malpractice” in the crisis-ridden organisation.

“It’s a clear violation of cricket’s world governing body’s constitution, which doesn’t allow government intervention in any of its member board’s functioning. Whenever such attempts were made, in countries like Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and even in India, the controlling body has taken strong action and this time also, there will be harsh penalty against South Africa Cricket if situation remains the same” an insider at ICC told Cricket Age.  

SASCOC’s action is another setback to the board which is in the middle of administrative chaos and facing allegations of corruption and racial discrimination. SASCOC took the decision unanimously at a board meeting on Tuesday alleging “many instances of maladministration and malpractice at CSA which “has brought cricket into disrepute”.

CSA’ former CEO Thabang Monroe was fired last month following the findings of a forensic report that revealed “acts of serious misconduct”. Acting CEO Jacques Faul and president Chris Nenzani resigned last month with Kugandrie Govender replacing Faul.

In a statement, CSA objected to SASCOC’s decision to suspend the board.

“CSA, including its Members’ Council, does not agree with the resolution taken by SASCOC and has not had the opportunity to engage with SASCOC on various issues raised in the communication.

“In addition, CSA is taking legal advice regarding the basis on which SASCOC has sought to intervene in the business affairs of CSA. CSA does, however, commit to engaging further with SASCOC to understand its position and to find common ground with it in the best interests of cricket,” said CSA.

Why South Africa can be banned?

The ICC code disallows any form of government interference in the day-to-day functioning of the board. This was the reason why Zimbabwe Cricket was banned for a certain period of time last year due to increased government interference. If this happens, then South Africa could be banned for the second time in their history, with the first ban coming from 1970 to 1991 due to the Apartheid policies.

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