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MS Dhoni’s Rs 1800 membership dues settled: Jharkhand State Cricket Association

Written by Sumit Seth

A ruckus erupted on the name of MS Dhoni as the Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) reported that a payment of Rs 1800 is pending from the former India captain over his membership. The entire issue snowballed after some school students back in Jharkhand and MSDians pooled in money to make a draft and sent it to JSCA in order to settle the amount. Though the payment was not accepted, it has now been learned that the dues are all settled.

The money was levied on account of GST attached to Dhoni’s lifetime membership of JSCA. On Tuesday, however, the association secretary Sanjay Sahay confirmed to the Times of India that all dues are settled and the matter has hence been closed.

“The matter has been closed. There is nothing more to add to it. That status existed till March 31. But after that the payment came in so the matter has been closed,” said Sahay.

As the audit report for the previous financial year came in, the pending dues were highlighted.

“The audit report is supposed to run till 31st March of every year. So that is how it (Dhoni’s dues) came to light. The payment has already come in and we have accepted that, hence the matter is completely settled,” said Sahay. It was, however, not confirmed if Dhoni himself made the said payment.

Sahay also took a dig at activist Sesh Nath Pathak who had reached out to the association along with four others to settle Dhoni’s dues.

“Some people will do such things. They will do anything to try and get their name on newspapers. This is nothing new. There are certain individuals and groups who do such things in order to look after their own interest,” Sahay added.

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