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SLC Secretary Mohan De Silva, Galle CC at loggerheads over AGM

Written by N Krishnamurthy

Mohan De Silva, the powerful secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and officials of Galle Cricket Club (GCC) are at loggerheads over Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), Cricket Age reliably learns.

The AGM of Galle CC to elect the office bearers is scheduled for August 30.

However, the SLC has shown it’s disagreement to Galle CC in conducting the AGM, citing the reason that there is still an investigation going on against the Club.

In a letter sent to Galle CC president, dated August 14, Mohan De Silva has mentioned that country’s Sports Ministry has issued a directive to SLC, with the instruction of conducting an inquiry over certain irregularities, that took place during Club’s previous AGM on 21 September 2019.

In the letter, which is under Cricket Age possession, Mohan De Silva has stated that the SLC has already commenced the inquiry and Galle CC officials have been instructed to cooperate by submitting documents, which are within the custody of some of the members of the club.

“In light of the above facts, SLC has decided that until the said inquiry is concluded and the reports are examined by the Ministry of Sports, which may follow any appeal process by any party dissatisfied with the findings, any AGM conducted by GCC can not be accepted as a valid AGM and will not be accepting any appointments made as a result of the said AGM as valid. Therefore, SLC directs GCC to not conduct any AGM  or SGM or EGM until a further notice is issued by the board, subsequent to a communication received from the Ministry of Sports” the letter reads.

The Galle CC however, in it’s reply, has thoroughly dismissed Mohan De Silva’s letter, claiming it as an attempt to interfere in Club’s internal matters!

“We would like to mention here that it is the members right to have an AGM as per the constitution of the club and elect office bearers once in every two years. You have no any authority to interfere with the rights of the over one thousand members of the club” the letter of Galle CC president, dated August 19, reads.

In his reply to Mohan De Silva, the Galle CC president has also stated that the club, apart from playing cricket, operates other activities as well.

“Also, you should have aware that Galle CC is not only a cricket playing club, but also having a liquor bar, restaurant, coffee shop, billiards as a recreation to it’s members. Furthermore, it’s general committee is managing all the activities of the club and currently operating it’s activities smoothly and professionally. Hence, we members of Galle CC expect SLC to not interfere with our membership rights and request you to withdraw the letter sent to all the members and other authorities” the Galle CC president letter reads further.


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