Even presidents and prime ministers talk about MS Dhoni, says Dean Jones

Written by Toshi Pawar

Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones has seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni play from close quarters for the latter’s entire career span. Jones has been a cricket commentator and pundit during international matches and in theIPL and that has helped him analyse Dhoni’s game closely and he can’t wait for the former India captain to take to the field during the IPL in UAE after a long hiatus from cricket.

“Look I am a huge MS Dhoni fan. I think he is among the top 6 greatest cricketers of all time for India. If he has a good IPL and the other boys don’t then come the World Cup he might be looked at.

“So, it’s a big opportunity and knowing MS he will prepare himself to absolute perfection to get himself ready for this and I hope he does well,” Jones told Hindustan Times during an exclusive conversation.

“What he does is he makes past players like myself and people to just move forward in their seats and watch how he goes about his cricket. There aren’t too many players who could do that. If you have gone to watch a match and MS is playing, people are always on the edge of their seats because they don’t know what he is going to do next.

“He is a great entertainer and I hope he will have a great IPL because I am looking forward to how he plays,” Jones said.

“Probably the hair cut in Pakistan. I was commentating and President Musharraf told him to keep the hair cut and said he looked good in it. He is that style of player that even presidents and prime ministers talk about him because he really captivates everyone,” Jones said.

Dhoni is expected to lead Chennai Super Kings in the IPL that begins in the UAE from September 19.

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