A captain is least important person in team: Rohit Sharma

Written by Vishwas Gupta

India’s limited-overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma, apart from being one of the most prolific batsmen in white-ball cricket, is also respected for his leadership. With Virat Kohli at the helm of affairs for the Indian team across formats, while Rohit hasn’t led India on many occasions, he is the only captain to have won a record four IPL titles.

While MS Dhoni is undeniably the most popular captain in the IPL, Rohit has proved his leadership skills by guiding Mumbai Indians to four titles, the last one coming against Dhoni’s men in IPL 2019.

Speaking to PTI, Rohit shared his thoughts on leadership and said as per his own theory of captaincy, he was the least important person in the team while leading the squad.

“I believe in a theory that when you are captain, you are the least important person. Others become more important in the larger scheme of things. It works differently for different leaders but as far as I am concerned, this theory works for me,” Rohit told PTI.

Rohit’s captaincy has been a talking point among cricketers and experts. Recently, senior Indian cricketer Suresh Raina made a big statement as he said Rohit could be India’s next MS Dhoni as far as captaincy was concerned.

Rohit might not be as calm as Dhoni on the cricket field while leading the team, but his decision-making skills and ability to soak pressure are traits that definitely make him an inspiring leader.

“Not showing anger is not a conscious effort,” the Mumbai batsman added.

“That’s a natural instinct that you have and you don’t try and be someone that you are not. Try and be yourself all the time,” he said.

“You do get angry, lose temper at times but it’s important not to show it to your teammates. Hiding your emotions is the most crucial part.”

Rohit is all set to lead the Mumbai Indians in the upcoming edition of the IPL.

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