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Shahid Afridi claims Indian players used to ask for forgiveness after losing against Pakistan

Written by Vipin Darwade

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi claims Indian players used to ask for forgiveness after losing against their arch-rivals in cricket. Pakistan do enjoy a superior head-to-head record against India in Test and ODI cricket.

The two teams have met 59 times in Tests with Pakistan winning 12 games while India managed 9 victories. The difference is even bigger in 50-overs cricket in which Pakistan enjoy a 73-55 record over their neighbors.

India are only ahead in the shortest format, having won 6 out of 8 matches played against Pakistan.

“Unhe to theek-thaak mara hai humne (We’ve thrashed them a lot). Itna mara hai unhe ki match ke baad maafiyan mangi hai unhone (We’ve beaten them so much that they used to ask us for forgiveness after matches).

“I have enjoyed a lot playing against India and Australia, you have more pressure. They are good teams, big teams. Going and performing in their conditions is the big thing,” Afridi said on Cric Cast show on YouTube.

The recent matches between the two teams have generally been one-sided affairs in favour of Team India. Infact, India’s record against Pakistan has been superior ever since Afridi made his international debut in 1996.

But Afridi also maintained that he has always had a great time playing against India and Australia in their own backyards.

“Whatever cricket I have played, have enjoyed a lot against India and Australia. The pressure was always high when I played against them. Performing well in their own conditions was a big achievement for me.”

Afridi also said that he has always received a lot of love from Indian fans.

“I have always stood by this (2016 statement in which he said he got the maximum love and support from Indian fans). When I believe in something I said then I apologise later. Allah has given me a big heart and I can apologise whenever I have said anything wrong.

“The circumstances were difficult back in 2016 when I went to India for the T20 World Cup. We weren’t certain whether we will be allowed to go to India or not.

“Not only did I go there as Pakistan captain but also the my country’s ambassador so I had to deal with situations accordingly. What I said about the crowd support in India back then, that statement was only for well-educated and intelligent people,” Afridi said.

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