Mohammad Hafeez reprimanded by PCB after personal COVID-19 test

Written by Rohit Pawar

Veteran all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez was reprimanded by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after he decided to undergo a private test post testing positive for coronavirus in the tests conducted by PCB. On Tuesday, PCB had announced Hafeez was among seven players to have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. However, a day later, Hafeez took to Twitter to share that he and his family tested negative in tests conducted at a different private lab.

The tests carried out by PCB were done by Shaukat Khanum Laboratory. Hafeez opted for another test on the personal level at Chugtai Laboratory in Lahore. However, PCB are not happy with Hafeez’s action and the all-rounder was reprimanded by the board’s CEO Wasim Khan on Wednesday.

PCB conducted the tests in Shaukat Khanum Laboratory, whereas Hafeez got it done at Chugtai Laboratory in Lahore. Hafeez, in his tweet revealed, he did it for personal satisfaction.

“After Tested positive COVID-19 acc to PCB testing Report yesterday, as 2nd opinion & for satisfaction I personally went to Test it again along with my family and here I along with my all family members are reported Negative Alham du Lillah. May Allah keep us all safe,” Hafeez tweeted on Wednesday with a picture of his test report.

PCB CEO also said that actions may be taken against him for his breach.

“This is not the first time that Hafeez has breached our rules in the media. He doesn’t have a central contract but once he was selected for the Pakistan team he has to abide by the rules and regulations for all players especially pertaining to the use of social media. We are still looking at the matter because it has caused us a lot of problems,” Khan said.

Meanwhile, 10 players and one support staff who tested positive will be tested at their homes on 26th.


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