Team India will need camp lasting 6-8 weeks before international cricket: Bharat Arun

Written by Abhishek Patil

Cricketers are confined to their respective homes with not much to do due to the enforced break as a result of the spread of the COVID-19 crisis globally. It has led to a halt on all sporting activities and caused a huge change in the life of sports personalities — as they have to sit at home for longer periods rather than the usual travel and hectic training and match schedules.

As a result, the Indian cricketers have accepted their current fate and overall plight due to the deadly virus’ impact. Many of them are active on social media platforms and maximising their idle time to engage with fans, former and current teammates as well as with the opponent players via Q/A session on Twitter and Instagram live sessions.

While individual training has not taken a backseat, bowling coach Bharat Arun feels Team India will require a camp lasting 6-8 weeks before walking out for an international match.

Bharat Arun was quoted as saying by TOI, “The team management has identified that the cricketers will need camp lasting six to eight weeks to conduct this elevated training and optimum skill-based programme before they can walk out to play international cricket.”

He accepted that the idle time can take a toll on the body and also lead to extreme boredom for the players, due to the long break from the game. Arun stated, “For a professional sportsperson, to be sitting at home doing nothing can be very frustrating. Not being able to expand that energy is like a curse. It can be boring, can be extremely monotonous. But there’s no choice and therefore it’s a challenge that has to be taken up.”

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