Lockdown would have been tougher for me in my younger days: Yuvraj Singh

Written by Rohit Pawar

Former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh urged his countrymen to be patient till the current lockdown ends. India’s 21-day lockdown, which ended on April 15, was extended till May 3 due to the coronavirus crisis.

Yuvraj, like all other Indians, is locked-up at his home in Gurgaon. In an exclusive interview with India Today, Yuvraj said the current situation is not ideal for athletes as they are not used to sitting at home for such a long period of time but on the brighter side, they are all getting to spend quality time with their family and friends which is not always possible for them.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole world to a virtual standstill with all the affected countries going into lockdown to try and control the spread of the virus.

“You and me are lucky that we have 3-4 rooms. There are so many people who have to live in just 1 room with a big family so it must be very frustrating for them.

“But people just have to be patient till (May) 3rd. I have a routine in place because in cricket I attended a lot of camps in cricket. So the routine is helping me get through the lockdown.

“Athletes wouldn’t have found so much time to spend at home before this but they are also not used to sitting at home for such a long time,” Yuvraj told Sports Tak.

Yuvraj also said that experiencing this lockdown would have been much more difficult for him during his playing days.

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