SLC Signs MOU with Australian Minor District For Dandenong League

Written by N Krishnamurthy

The cash-rich Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has signed a MOU with an Australian minor District for sending domestic junior cricketers for the next season, Cricket Age reliabley learns.

After SLC controversial CEO Ashley De Silva signed the MOU with Dandenong District Cricket Association (DDCA) recently, the board is now preparing to send more than half a dozen junior domestic players for the Dandenong League, to be played during the next Australian season in october-november.

The MOU, however, offers nothing to domestic players. Insiders of Sri Lanka Cricket opines that as majority of domestic players are already playing in Australia, this MOU, at best, doesn’t offer something meaningful.

“Due to substandard domestic structure in Sri Lanka, majority of players are already associated with various leagues, clubs in Australia. Thus, this MOU is irrelevant” an expert, who is wary of this development, told Cricket Age.

Last year itself, Cricket Age had published that how majority of domestic players are migrating to Australia for better opportunities. These players have arranged everything by their own, without any assistance from the SLC.

“Obiously, all these players wants to stay in Australia and prefers sticking with their clubs there. So, it will benefit only Australian Cricket and Sri Lanka cricket will be the ultimate loser” he added further.


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