Sri Lanka Cricket TV rights deal postpone amid Coronavirus outbreak

Written by Sumit Seth

The deadly Coronavirus outbreak has forced Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) to postpone it’s TV rights deal at least until march 31, Cricket Age reliably learns.

The Board officials were planning to close the bids by March 20, after going into the market with fresh tenders. However, as the deadly Coronavirus has forced entire world for a complete lock down, the SLC had no other option but to postpone it.

“Entire world is under lockdown, so it’s impossible for us to move forward for us with the process” a top SLC administrator told Cricket Age. 

Like any other part of the world, the deadly virus has created havoc in Sri Lanka as well, with more than 97 people have tested positive till Tuesday. The SLC has already suspended home series against England and ongoing domestic tournament until further notice as a precautionary measure in the wake of the deadly Coronavirus that has been spreading in the country and worldwide at a rapid pace.

As of now, the board officials are hopeful of finalizing the deal by the first half of April. However, if situation worsens, then it might be postponed indefinitely.

“…humanity first, everything else comes second. The situation has not improved so there is no point in even talking about it. The whole country is in a lockdown. We have to deal with matters much more important than TV rights deal. It is irrelevant along with everything else. The only thing thing which is relevant is in what we are living in and it is a world war three situation where we are fighting to help so many people” the top SLC administrator added further.

Sporting events have taken a hit across the globe; among others, the NBA have suspended their season until further notice, ATP tournaments in California stand cancelled, and the Bahrain Grand Prix will be closed to spectators. On cricket front, the India-South Africa and the New Zealand-Australia ODI series and all other cricketing events have already been called off.



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