Babar Azam stands shoulder to shoulder with Virat Kohli: Aakash Chopra

Written by Abhishek Patil

Joining the Virat Kohli versus Babar Azam debate, former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has claimed that the Pakistani captain in limited-overs format stands shoulder to shoulder with his Indian counterpart. Be it his matchwinning performances or innings to salvage pride when Pakistan are down and out, Azam has remained consistent over the years and his batting prowess has also helped him to succeed out of favour Sarfaraz Ahmed at the helm.

Chopra seems to be thoroughly impressed with the accomplishments of Azam as the former Indian opener has opted to rejig the fab four of the gentlemen’s game. The fab four or big four usually comprises of premier batsmen – Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson and Joe Root.

“I would keep Pakistan’s Babar Azam in the fab four. He stands shoulder to shoulder with India’s Virat Kohli. He is the number one batsman in T20Is, number-three in ODIs and number five in Test cricket. If you are in the top five in all three formats than how can you not be in the fab four of world cricket? He should be included in the fab four a 120 per cent,” said Chopra on his YouTube channel.

The four household names of the fab four have been the flagbearer of elegant batting over the years but Chopra now feels the time has come for the fans and followers of the gentlemen’s game to acknowledge the genius of Azam. Chopra also believes that focusing only on Test cricket also paves the way for having a brand new fab four list as well. Hence, the former Indian cricketer and full-time pandit has picked Azam in his big four of world cricket.

“When we talk about the fab four of the world we talk about Australia’s Steve Smith, England’s Joe Root, New Zealand’s Kane Williamson and India’s Virat Kohli. Everyone around the globe believes that these are the most talented batsmen in the world,” Chopra continued.

“That is why they are the current fab four of international cricket. But is this right?”, he said. “In Test cricket you could maybe agree but there are challengers as well. But why don’t we look across three formats? I think if we look across all three formats a new fab four can be made,” he added.

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