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Only ‘few selected’ Secretaries to get Promotion, Salary Increments

Written by Sumit Seth

Only ‘few selected’ Secretaries of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) are set to get the Promotion as assistant managers, as well as a salary Increment, Cricket Age reliably learns.

On January 29, Cricket Age had published that all the female secretaries of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) are set to be promoted as assistant managers. In addition, the SLC top brass has reportedly decided to give a salary increment as well to the secretaries.

However, a top SLC administrator had reportedly told the board employees that even though the entire list of secretaries has been leaked in the media, the Board is going to give promotion and salary increment to only ‘few selected’ ones.

“Not all the Secretaries  are going to be promoted as assistant managers. Very few and ‘most privileged’ secretaries will be benefited by this, as per that top administrator of the board” a SLC insider told Cricket Age. 

Cricket Age understands that one of the main reason for this is that board’s female secretaries have raised objection over the newly recruited employees with the higher salary package than theirs, particularly in media division.

However, more than that, this whole drama has been created to benefit one particular secretary. However, as alone her salary can’t be increased, the board is mulling over to give salary increments to some more selected and powerful secretaries!

The decision, though long due, has received mixed reactions however, as many at SLC opines that there are many at Maitland Place, who deserves salary increments and promotions before secretaries.

“The top officials secretly managed salary increments. Now, Secretaries are also getting increments and promotions. However, there is no one to look after plenty of those non manipulative employees, who also deserves the same” the insider added.

The SLC hierarchy is also aware of the gravity of the matter. That was the main reason, the secretaries promotion and salary increment proposal was not tabled during last week’s Management Committee (MC) meeting. However, as it is related to female secretaries, it is expected to be done secretly, like Ashley and gangs increments!


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