“Shows the domestic cricket poor status” Fans slams SLC over ‘Peanuts’ like prize money

Written by N Krishnamurthy

The Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) unarguably tops the chart in world cricket, when it comes to spending lavishly on non-cricket things. UK World Cup joyrides for over 50 previlleged people, whooping salary increments for top officials are testimony of this. However, when it comes to cricket, the SLC generally becomes reluctant and afraid to spend even a single rupee!

Another classic example of SLC top brass’s this mentality was seen during just concluded domestic T20 tournament. In any case the quality of the tournament was below per, however what attracted cricket fans most is the man of the final prize money for the promising young allrounder Wanindu Hasaranga.

One of the top class young spin bowling allrounder from the Island who has already established himself at international level, Wanindu was a revelation in the T20 tournament as well, as he single handedly won the title for Colombo Cricket Club (CCC), with a smashing half century.

However, as the winner of the man of the final award, Ashley De Silva, the incompetent SLC CEO, who himself recently secured 50% salary increment for his special services to top brass, presented Peanuts like 15,000 to Wanindu. Cricket fans were absolutely shocked, as even village softball tournaments organizers pays around 20000 for the man of the match award.

It was indeed a shameful act from the SLC and cricket fans immediately noticed it and showed their disliking.

Soon, social media sites – Facebook, Twitter – were flooded with negative comments, in which fans started to slam SLC in numbers.

“Poor. Very poor from the SLC. Even a street worker gets more than this in a week” one fan wrote.

“Disgusting! Even village softball tournaments organizers pays around 20000 for the man of the match award. Shame on you SLC” another one wrote.

“SLC must be saving money for something more important” another fan wrote.

“Seriously! 15K for man of the final! It really shows the poor status of Domestic Cricket in our country. God save Sri Lanka Cricket” another fan posted, showing his anger.

“Checked properly whether it is Rs. 15000 or USD 15000 for the man of the match of the tournament. Status of Domestic Cricket in Sri Lanka!” another one wrote.

Another fan shared  a picture of Wanindu getting award with Ashley, saying- “Are you ashamed?”


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