Exclusive! Top SLC Officials Ashley, Jerome, Aruna gets Massive Salary Hike

Written by N Krishnamurthy

By repeating the betrayal saga of June 2018 of keeping their staff in dark, three top officials of Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) – CEO Ashley De Silva, former COO Jerome Jayaratne and head of administration Aruna De Silva – have received massive salary increments, Cricket Age reliably learns.

After a disastrous term as COO of SLC, where Jerome could not keep any of the sponsor’s faith in the board, he was recently transferred at High Performance Centre (HPC) at Khetterama as Chief Cricket Operating Officer.

However, before getting transferred, he, along with Ashley and Aruna, secretly secured massive salary increments.

Cricket Age understands that both Jerome and Aruna De Silva have secured never heard before 100 percent salary increments, while Ashley De Silva, world cricket’s most incompetent CEO, has received 50 percent salary increment.

After hearing the news of Ashley De Silva, Jerome Jayarathne and  Aruna De Silva salary increment news in personal through Cricket Age, majority of SLC employees are feeling cheated and betrayed.

“This is called betrayal by your own bosses. Instead of looking after their receptive staff members interests, Ashley and Aruna De Silva once again went behind top brass and secretly secured their own salary increments. This is beyond shameful and a classic example of Board functioning, where only those who get involved in wrongdoings, gets benefited while the deserving employees have been completely sidelined ” a top SLC official, in condition of anonymity, told Cricket Age.

At least over a dozen of SLC employees have told Cricket Age that in this hopeless scenario, where board top officials are looking after only their interests, it is becoming impossible for them to continue and they are contemplating of leaving the organization.

Coincidentally, this is the third successive time, that Cricket Age has exposed Ashley De Silva and gangs salary increment manipulations and contract extension.

In June 2018, Cricket Age had exposed how Ashley and Jerome went behind then SLC president Thilanga Sumathipala and secured salary increments in the last few hours before his shameful ouster from Maitland place. Ashley, who is worldwide famous for his comical comments and acts on serious issues, had got 40 Percent Increment in his salary, while Jerome, who always pretends to be a workaholic with laptop 24 hours in his hands, had received 15 percent increment back then.

Then again, on January 19 this year, Cricket Age had exposed that by manipulating and going behind previous Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha and then Competent Authority Kamal Padmasiri, both Ashley and Jerome managed to get the three years extensions. on that occasion, during the last few days of Faizer Mustapha and Kamal Padmasiri, both Ashley and Jerome went behind them and with the influence of now shamefully banned and discarded former SLC president Thilanga Sumathipala, got the contract extensions till December 2021.



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