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BCCI on collision course with ICC over support-staff diktat

Written by Vishwas Gupta

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is set to protest the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision to drastically reduce the number of support staff accompanying teams at ICC events.

“With regards to the support staff that has to go with the team, the Cricket Committee of the ICC recommended that 15 players plus 14 support staff per team (for ICC tournaments). The ICC (Board), however, has reduced the number of support staff to eight. This is not done. Once the Cricket Committee has decided something which is related to cricket, the next level (of) committees — Chief Executives’ Committee and the Board — have to approve that. When you are going against the recommendation of your own Cricket Committee, why do you have the Committee? When we are spending for them (support staff), then you can’t take a call (based) on some teams that may not require or may not afford (a bigger contingent of support staff),” a top BCCI official told.

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