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School Cricket Association Secratary Dilshan De Silva emerges as main Suspect, as SLC begins inquiry in ‘Whisky Import’ Matter

Written by Sumit Seth

School Cricket Association secratary Dilshan De Silva has emerged as main suspected, as the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) has ordered for an inquiry in whisky bottles supplying matter from Bangladesh, Cricket Age reliably learns.

Cricket Age had published yesterday that Sri Lanka U19 team manager Maharoof had ordered returning players to carry custom free whiksy bottles with them, along with other accessories, like – mens trouser boxes.

The team returned yesterday from Bangladesh, where they played five match ODI series and lost it 4-0.

After the expose, a top SLC official told Cricket Age that the board has already ordered for an inquiry in this serious matter. Furthermore, according to the top official, Dilshan De Silva was instructing Maharoof from behind the scene to carry all these accessories.

“We secretly checked within the team management and found that it was Dilshan, who was giving instructions. We have already started the inquiry” the top SLC official told Cricket Age.

As a secratary of Sri Lanka School Cricket Association (SLSCA) and junior selector, Dilshan also went with the U19 team as representative.

When inquired further within the SLC, it learnt that only Dilshan and Maharoof were aware and held responsible about those boxes with said accessories.

Interestingly, some time back, Dilshan was suspended by School cricket association for illegally sending school players to Malaysia by collecting money from them. Later, he challenged suspension in court and got an interim injunction.

“We have taken the matter seriously and CEO Mr. Ashley De Silva has already started the probe. The board will not spare, whoever are involved in this” the top official added further.


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