Farveez Maharoof Orders U19 Players to carry Whiskies, Other Accessories during Bangladeh tour

Written by Sumit Seth

While Shammi Silva led administration is trying it’s best to bring Sri Lanka Cricket back on track by hiring a plethora of international coaches post world cup, Sri Lanka’s Under 19 team manager Farveez Maharoof is destroying the future cricketers by encouraging and involving them in sinful activities.

The Sri Lanka U19 team is currently in Bangladesh, where they played five match ODI series and lost it 4-0.

According to sources, the team management had sent back few players after the conclusion of two 4-day matches earlier in the month. However, Maharoof ordered these returning players to carry custom free whiksy bottles with them, along with other accessories like – mens trouser boxes.

Hilarious part is that the same Farveez Maharoof was talking big about discipline and team culture at the departure press conference of the U19 Side for the Bangladeh.

“More than fulfilling his manager duty, Maharoof was busy in dinner parties and meeting businessmen in the Bangladeh to explore new opportunities” a team management insider told Cricket Age.

It is noteworthy that Maharoof has made it a habit to ignore his manager duty, in order to focus on his business and other non-cricketing activities. He runs a pre school, real state business and is a commentator, analyst for media groups as well. It’s his private thing and he can do whatever he wants, but it is the U19 team, which suffers because of his other commitments

“He wants to do everything and wants to get benefited from everything” insider added further.

Few months ago, Cricket Age had exposed how Maharoof was busy in inaugurating his pre-school midway through the Asia Cup that too without informing SLC. At that time also, his incompetence as team manager allowed three promising players to consume alcohol in the team hotel after the match.

Most interesting thing is that Maharoof is not in the good book of SLC top brass as well. However, until now, he climbed up at SLC rapidly, only because a powerful outside outhority (who is not involved at SLC bow) was promoting him big time.

However, in recent times, Shammi Silva led administration has put things in order by strictly warning Maharoof to stop his other commitments (especially media related).

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