Big Financial Fraud at SLC, as Accountant Kamalika Jayasekara Provides Australia Tickets, Allowances Without Approval

Written by Sumit Seth

Even at a time when there is an investigation going on by the Committee Of Parliament Enterprises (COPE) against the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) over more than two dozen financial irregularities and frauds, Kamalika Jayasekara, the notorious accountant of the board, has committed another financial fraud at higher level, Cricket Age exclusively learns.

Cricket Age has already published in a series how SLC dummy President Shammi Silva is spending board money (which is supposed to be spent on Cricket development in the country) on the joyrides for his favourites on overseas tours! For World Cup, over 50 ExCo members, stakeholders and officials traveled to UK. For Pakistan tour Shammi Silva obliged his personal assistant Tanesh Dias. For ongoing Australia series as well, more than 10 people are already on joyrides.

While Shammi is doing all these as SLC President with the blessings of Sports Minister Harin Fernando, his close aide and SLC accountant Kamalika Jayasekara has gone to another level in committing financial fraud.

According to sources, Kamalika, along with SLC head of administration Aruna De Silva, has provided air tickets and allowances to ExCo member Priyantha Zoysa for Australia tour!

However, the big fraud is that she has provided these to Priyantha Zoysa without any approval from ExCo or Sports Ministry.

An former employee of Shammi Silva’s Colombo Cricket Club (CCC), Kamalika has already become the most powerful person at SLC. Forget about ExCo members, she is notorious for not following Shammi Silva and other top officials instructions even!

“Forget about controlling Cricket affairs in Sri Lanka, Shammi Silva, as board President, is not able to control Kamalika Jayasekara even” a senior SLC administrator told Cricket Age.

Another Surprising thing is that Sports Minister Harin Fernando (the so called biggest Messiah of Sri Lanka Cricket at the moment), who was going all the gun blazing against former SLC President Thilanga Sumathipala just for his political mileage, has gone missing about Shammi Silva wrongdoings! Reason of Harin’s silence might be that there are strong rumors going in Sri Lanka cricket that after November 17, Angelo Perera will be appointed Sri Lanka captain in all three formats!


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